Key principles


Vital components in many types of industry are subjected to particularly harsh operating conditions.

These conditions limit the operation cycles because standard materials may not meet the requirements of that particular operation.

There is a natural tendency to accept these short cycles when the competition has the same problem...  

Our business is to customize the materials properties to meet the demands and allowing them to safely operate for significantly longer cycles.





Below we show a longitudinal section of a tube that underwent surface enhancement.

This section was purposedly deformed in a press to show that modified surface does not peel off.


Limiting Factors   Chemical Attack and High temperature
Modification   Partial replacement of Iron atoms by Chromium atoms
Modified depth   0.4 mm
Process   Chemical Vapor Deposition
Original cycle   2 years
Present cycle   10 years (no longer limiting factor)





  Limiting Factor




Original cycle

Present cycle


Engineered Lining

20 mm thick, abrasion resistent fins, dual layer refractory withstands impact and abrasion

Less than one year

2 years

Lining maintained every 2 years at a fraction of original cost.



Surface enhancement can be implemented internally or externally

Modified surface can be taylored to mee specific demands of

each application.


Steps to implement a cycle increase

1. To know the problem.

All available information about the failure causes, its frequency, previous efforts made to improve the operating cycles must be made available. Direct observation of operation is also required. Most failures occur in recurrent spots and these are the most favorable points for testing the modified materials.


2. Define a "dream target" and ideal mode of supply

A longer cycle is proposed and the added value it will generate is estimated. The cost of implementing the successful modification is established and normally ranges from 5 to 10% of the estimated added value.

Ideal supply mode is to promote the required materials enhancement, install the modified component, monitor its performance and replace it when necessary. Under this mode, spare components are made available and we maintain our efforts to keep improving the material.


Tests and monitoring

Most of the times, the cost of development, lab tests is borne by our company. If this cost exceeds our limit we share it with the prospect. In this case a cap for this cost is clearly established.

Monitoring is done based on scheduled inspections and the results are made available online in a protected area of our site which is accessed by authorized users